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Shift your reality from the inside out, to attract it into your reality

Raise Your Energy

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coming your way

What Clients Say About this Meditation...

“It has helped me trust that the people who I’m meant to help will see me and will easily and effortlessly be drawn to me. All I have to do is keep shining my light and they will come!!”
Lara, Sydney, Australia
 "Investing in nina has been one of the most professional decisions I've ever made! Within a week I made my first 4-figure sale!."
Linh, Finland
 "It allows me to expel the darkness within me so that good energy can come in."
Eryka, Singapore

"Holy s**! I now have 7 clients when a second ago I had ZERO! I have sold almost $10k in 5 weeks!"
Claudia, Queensland Australia

Call in more soul-aligned clients with ease, flow and fun

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Soul Client Attraction

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For Entrepreneurs looking to make more 
Conscious Sales

For Entrepreneurs 

looking to make more

Conscious Sales

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Shift your reality from the inside out - The number rule for manifestation. Fun, gratitude and faith


Attract those ready, willing and invested to work with you and repel those time-wasters